We can fix the world only by fixing ourselves, more precisely by fixing how we connect, relate to each other.

There is nothing else wrong with the world but the broken, distorted relationships between people.

Due to our inherently self-serving, self-justifying nature, that we try succeeding, surviving at each other’s expense, due to the instinctive distrust, animosity we feel towards anybody who is different from ourselves, we are unable to build positive, sustainable mutual connections, cooperation with each other.

Our whole history, the decline of the classical family model, the woefully inadequate individualistic and nationalistic reactions, solutions to the pandemic that made everything much worse stand as proof.

And this inability to create a true, positive, sustainable global integration might cost us our collective survival. In the globally integrated and fully interdependent world, we have evolved into, our problem-solving ability and survival solely depend on our ability to build the crucially important, mutually responsible, and mutually complementing interconnections, cooperation.

Without those connections, all other “fix”, political, economic, social, environmental, religious, spiritual, or military solutions will cause only even deeper crisis until we fully self-destruct.

Humanity is a species in Nature’s vast system, we are integral parts of the integral system. Thus the laws of integration, the “iron laws” sustaining balance and homeostasis life and optimal development depend on are obligatory to us as well.