How to distribute naturally resources?

Question from the Internet:

“Is Mother Nature unfair in resource allocation, and if so, is it the humans' imperative to intervene and reallocate these resources?”

If you mean by “Nature’s unfairness” that each nation seem to have different resources, natural conditions, some more, some less, then you are right. Then it is our job to complement this “unfairness” and distribute the resources, to facilitate a fair, equal availability of the resources to all.

And we have been trying to do so for a long time with different trade agreements, with assembling nations together like during Communism or with the European Union for example. But somehow it doesn’t work out to give us a truly fair, equal distribution.

The problem is that we are all born inherently self-serving, self-protective, egocentric, we all thrive at ruthless, exclusive competition, succeeding, surviving at each other’s expense. Thus we accumulate resources and profit excessively in a completely selfish way.

As a result we end up fighting cold or actual wars, and the way our present civilization looks we might be heading towards world wars again as many of the quintessential resources, even water is becoming scarce, while our insatiable appetite for more only grows.

The only solution is to learn from Nature what true, healthy, natural necessities and available resources are, and how Nature circulates, distributes its resources within closed, fully integrated living systems to facilitate life and optimal development.

Only a Human society that is built on Nature’s template can distribute resources, facilitate collective Human existence in an optimal, sustainable manner.