How things will turn out is our own free choice

An opinion from the Internet about humanity’s present state:

“Generally, I am not such a defeatist but when it comes to our species I feel as if instead of pulling together to survive that our base nature to feed, breed, fight and consume is making a petry dish out of the Earth that is just like a bacterial culture that grows until it consumes all it’s resources or dies because it chokes (poisons)on it own carbon dioxide. This time we take most other species with us which should be a punishable crime.”

Yes, this seems to be our present direction. Fortunately, besides this insatiable desire for overconsumption, ruthless competition we also have a unique Human mind capable of critical self-assessment, initiating self-change.

There are two ways this critical thinking can be activated. One is through imminent danger, through a very real sense of self-destruction by intolerable suffering. This is where we are progressing now.

But we can also activate critical thinking and a need for fundamental self-change, self-upgrade through a unique, scientific method that can teach us, make us feel how and why we are incompatible with nature’s laws and system, and how we can consciously, methodically adapt ourselves to become compatible.