How the destructive, selfish Ego helps us to become the Crowns of Evolution

Zsolt Hermann
4 min readJul 15, 2020

An opinion from the Internet on the notion of “learning how to exist and view reality through the needs, desires, and viewpoints of others.”

“In my humble understanding, personal needs and desires are a result of our human Ego, arguably the most destructive part of human consciousness. Ego makes us self centered, self-serving, egocentric, self-important, over confidant, selfish, etc. Only when we become ego resilient, can we free ourselves from ‘needing’ and ‘expecting’ and ‘desiring’.

Our ego lets us believe, however irrationally, that humans are special in the universe, that we have a special purpose, meaning. Human self-importance is irrational, and irrelevant, considering the vastness of the universe. We think human consciousness is the greatest thing ever, yet I would argue that it is the most harmful, the most malevolent, the most destructive force in our known universe. (maybe right after the Higgs Boson and it’s false vacuum ;-)

Ego resilience is the skill to control our ego with our intellect. I guess it takes a lot of deep self-reflection to get to any relevant level of ego resilience. We certainly have a long way to go.

When the human conscious experience becomes ego resilient, then maybe humans could be proud of the achievement, or not, ironically.

When we become ego resilient, then we see the world objectively, self-conscious yet unbiased, and maybe from the perspective of others. Then we can begin researching what reality really is.”

I agree that the ego is the most destructive force in reality and that our task is to learn how to channel, control the ego instead of the ego is controlling us.

But we also know by now that we cannot suppress, erase our egos, and all the attempts to control it by ourselves through meditation, self-oppressive practices might give us psychological improvement, it might work for a very few, select individuals, but in general, we ourselves cannot control our own egos.

There is a saying by very wise, empirical scientists who have been studying Human nature and the system of Nature and how we could use Nature’s templates, blueprints to channel, control our egos: “The corporeality of my friend is my spirituality”.

In other words although — as you said — the desires, thoughts of all is by default controlled by the ego if I commit to selflessly, unconditionally serve the seemingly (from my point of view) egotistic thoughts, desires of others, especially if I do not have any usual, family, or instinctively connection to those others, it gives me the opportunity to rise above my own ego and start acting independent of it, as the ego definitely does not support such a “foolish act”, blindly serving someone else’s ego!

I can’t just run away from my ego into thin air, into “deep space”, but I can escape my ego into the “ego” of others. By purposefully, methodically developing love, care, concern for others through a very unique method — although instinctively I have no such inclination at all, it is the opposite I reject, abhor the idea — I can provoke and as a result learn to control my ego.

As a result on one hand the ego will appear to such extent I have never known it before — as I constantly provoke it by wanting to love others against my inherent inclination, instincts — and it will continue to resist, fight “for its life”, but I can neutralize it, control it through the methodically developed unconditional care and love towards those others instinctively I would never like.

And this gives me an unprecedented duality, control over consciousness and perception of reality, as in between the instinctive egotistic rejection, hate, and the methodically developed unconditional care and love I actually open up a true, objective, complete view, attainment of reality.

And it is for this reason that we are unique, unparalleled in reality, as we are the only “creatures” capable of such perfect, objective observation of reality holding two completely opposite natures, forces in our hands like two reins.

On one hand, we remain outside of, opposite to Nature’s selflessly, unconditionally loving, caring system through the who, on the other hand, we seamlessly integrate into the system through the acquired, “Natural, true Love” that makes us similar to Nature and gives us full access to its system.

This purposefully, consciously developed Human observer, witness of Nature is truly the “Crown of Evolution”. And it also explains why Nature’s perfect system, its evolution gave us the seemingly destructive, harmful ego since without it we could never achieve our unique, evolutionary Human purpose in the system!



Zsolt Hermann

I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.