How can we transmit and expand our consciousness?

Zsolt Hermann
3 min readSep 28


Question from the Internet:

“What transmits our consciousness?”

There are two different and opposite ways we can exist.

We can exist only for the sake of ourselves — and this is how we are inherently programmed to exist — or we can exist for the sake of others — which we have to learn as we do not have this ability by default.

As long as we exist only for ourselves, as long as we sense, experience, and perceive everything through our own states, emotional and physical impressions, and we make all our calculations, decisions, and actions only for self-benefit, selfish fulfillment, and to distance ourselves from personal harm, we are locked into ourselves. Our consciousness and perception of reality are 100% personal, subjective, and individual. We do not sense, compute, or digest reality “as it is,” but we sense, perceive, and compute a personal, extremely limited, and distorted version of reality that revolves around our presumed “self.”

This presumed “self” is what we associate with our physical body, which can sense only itself and whatever is happening to it. Even when we “feel or observe” the states and fates of others, we simply imagine ourselves “in their place,” and this is how we “empathize” with them, dragging everything we seemingly see “outside of us” into our own egocentric and subjective sphere.

We do not really connect to others since our “connection” is purely based on how much we can benefit from those we “connect to” or even “love.”

This way, our “life” is this very limited and temporary existence we feel between the involuntary birth and mostly involuntary death of the physical body, which “life” is experienced and measured through cramming as much pleasure into ourselves as possible while escaping personal pain and suffering as much as it is possible.

We are not transmitting our consciousness at all; our limited and illusory consciousness lives and dies with the physical life experience.

If we learned and practiced how to exist through others and for the sake of others, if we learned and practiced how to sense existence through the desires, thoughts, and viewpoints of others, dedicating ourselves to feel their desires the way they feel them and fulfill their desires the way they want them to fulfill them, we could gradually disconnect from and escape our inherently limited and distorted consciousness and perception of reality.

Through others, existing for the sake of others, we could open a totally unlimited and undistorted dimension of reality. By developing a true sense of “Love” towards others — which means selflessly and unconditionally listening, embracing, and feeling others in order to serve and support them to our best abilities — we could disconnect from our original “presumed” physical self to such an extent, that we would rise above the limitations of time and space as well. We could “upload” and transmit our loving and bestowing consciousness through others in such a way that even actual physical existence — together with physical life or death — would become irrelevant.

Our consciousness, our sense of existence, would not be connected to our original “self” at all. Our consciousness and sense of existence would be transmitted and expanded through all the selfless and unconditional service and love we provide to others.

We have the actual, tangible, and realistic ability to achieve and expand such an unlimited and “eternal” consciousness when we commit and devote ourselves to exist through others and for the sake of others. Moreover, through the acquired similarity of qualities and operations, we would also feel and partner nature’s singular, life-creating, and life-nurturing force field that operates based on the same “Love” and unconditional bestowal.

In short, it is “Love” that transmits our consciousness.

Achieving this unique partnership and adhesion to nature’s singular, life-creating force field is our actual Human purpose in life, and everything that has ever happened to us and will happen to us is there to assist and guide us to reach that purpose. We just need the right environment and the right method to start “listening to” and “following” the instructions and assistance we receive from nature’s evolution to guide us toward this Human purpose.



Zsolt Hermann

I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.