How can we have justice?

Question from the Internet:

“How can we have justice?”

We can’t bring justice to the world as long as we try to force our own version of justice on others.

Due to our inherently self-centered, subjective nature, we view everything through our own experiences, pain, suffering, while we can’t really empathize with what others feel, go through.

There are some things that most people would find “just”, “moral”, but even such notions can be strongly influenced by our culture, religion, history, collective and individual experiences.

Sometimes we can find ourselves in unique situations, “standing in the shoes of others” when our whole viewpoint changes upside down, seeing things through the eyes, position, conditions of others. And such situations can also change what we consider just or moral as we fall off our high pedestal.

The only way we can inch closer to a general, absolute justice, morality is collectively learning how to sense, experience, see reality through the desires, needs, viewpoints of others in a unique, purposeful, and methodical manner, in specifically organized environments.

That way, mutually, collectively we can gather enough data, experiences, emotional impressions, mutual understanding that we can build a composite sense of reality we can all lean, build on.