How can we get confidence for the changes ahead?

An opinion from the Internet on Humanity’s state and the changes ahead:

It’s going to take a lot of individual healing on behalf of every single being on Earth if we want to change our present situation resulting from our inherently egocentric, subjective, individualistic nature.

I’m 49 …I am praying for it to happen in my lifetime but I don’t expect to see it. Your exact subject is what I’ve spent my entire life trying to work on…..just working from my little corner and trying to make people feel better….smile and laugh.

Harsh reality is that has only worked for my own benefit so I can endure the time we are in now. I always had the impression if you lead by example and love even the coldest of people it may change them. It doesn’t. Each person is responsible for their own change.

Thank you for opening your inner feelings. I agree with you, we are all responsible for our own, inner changes and we cant directly influence others, especially not forcefully. Each needs to come to feel that necessity of changing oneself, to be able to rise above blind instincts and become able to connect with others above everything that separates people.

But we can help each other through positive examples as you wrote, and if we also create small, mutually supportive, mutually complementing environments out of those who already feel the need for their own inner change, and are willing to give it a go, then the mutual support, mutual inspiration can facilitate those changes exponentially.

Regarding the seemingly “Sisyphean task” of trying to change the world, I always remember a short story about a little boy, who finds grounded starfish dying on the beach and starts to throw them back into the sea one by one. A passing adult remarks to the boy that what he is doing is futile as he can’t help all the starfish. The little boy answers, “but I can help those I pick up and throw back into the sea”, and carries on doing it. As a result, all the people on the beach start doing the same until all the starfish were returned to the water.

We just have to start acting, doing everything that we can, and when we start doing it together we can become an avalanche…