How can we feel and understand the cause-and-effect processes behind life?

Zsolt Hermann
3 min readFeb 2, 2023

Question from the Internet:

“With the causal chain of cause and effect, what is the first link fastened to?”

There is no “casual” chain of cause-and-effect. We exist in a lawful and deterministic natural system where everything is “designed” and purposeful.

It is true that we are not aware of this by default, and we think we exist in a world that is casual, random, and full of free choices and opportunities where seemingly we can do whatever we want. But that is not true. It is simply because we are like children, totally unaware of the reality we exist in.

Our natural system and our own life in it are 100% predetermined, unfolding according to a single, precise plan and governed by a single force field that operates according to strict, unchanging, and unforgiving laws.

And this cause-and-effect chain is “fastened” to a single, original “idea” or purpose that gave birth to the reality we exist in and drives us to our predetermined final goal.

Our free choice does not relate to the cause-and-effect chain, its origin, or its final goal. Even the in-between states and changes are fixed and unchangeable. Our free choice relates to our participation in this evolutionary or developmental plan.

By default, we are totally unaware and unconscious of the plan and our role in it. We stumble through life driven by our instincts and the constant and seemingly randomly awakening desires in us demanding fulfillment. Even the seemingly most intelligent and “aware” person is blindly driven by one’s instinctive desires without any true intellect, planning, or free choice.

Our true free choice starts at the moment where we recognize how blind and instinctive we are, how much we did not actually decide or act upon anything by our own decisions. Moreover, we also have to recognize and accept that as long as we act blindly and instinctively — driven by our 100% egocentric, subjective, and individualistic urges — we are inevitably harmful and destructive like cancer since we always decide and act only for our own sake at the expense of others.

Only after this recognition — driven by a stubborn and intensifying new desire to reveal and fulfill the true purpose of our human life — can we approach our true free choice and actual Human existence.

And true free choice and awareness of our existence and purpose in life start by giving up our false and illusory free choice in life, giving up our toxic and cancer-like individuality and 100% egocentric and subjective worldview. Only when we willingly, consciously and purposefully “disappear” through other people, existing only to sense and fulfill their desires according to their worldview can we become truly free — of our toxic and destructive ego — and start observing, experiencing, and enjoying a truly free life, flowing together with nature’s single life-creating and life-nourishing forces according to evolution’s deterministic plan.

That is a truly Human existence, being fully aware of the system’s purpose and laws, observing and tracing and retracing all the cause-and-effect processes that govern life, knowing exactly and feeling viscerally the whole system and its purpose. It is a sense of existence — as healthy, freely, and mutually contributing cells of the whole system — that is beyond and independent of time, space, physical life, or death.



Zsolt Hermann

I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.