How can we expand our perception of reality to attain existence “as it is?”

Zsolt Hermann
4 min readSep 26, 2023


Question from the Internet:

“Since humans have a fatal limitation in their biological apparatus which creates drudgery, suffering, snail-paced progress in their scientific quest, why don’t they first solve this limitation instead of venturing into science with a limited faculty?”

I fully agree with you regarding our serious limitations in relation to science and attaining reality “as it is” in general.

But these limitations are not “biological.”

Behind our biological “apparatus,” we have a “non-physical” core or essence, which is our consciousness and fundamental “operating software” that determines everything we do.

Our “biological apparatus” is simply a “machine” or “hardware” in which this “non-physical” core or essence is “dressed into” or operates through.

Our greatest problem is that we focus entirely on this “biological apparatus,” and we endlessly try upgrading, modifying, and changing it, hoping that by this, we can improve our life experience.

But, in truth, we can not achieve or improve anything in our lives by playing with and incessantly manipulating our “biological apparatus,” even if we could extend its lifespan “infinitely.”

If we want to change anything in our lives and in the way we relate to each other and how we perceive and attain reality around us, we would need to access our “non-physical” core or essence and make the necessary changes and improvements there.

By default, we are programmed by nature’s evolution to think and care only about ourselves. All our calculations, decisions, and actions are based only on 100% self-serving and self-justifying calculations and we do everything only to get closer to ever-greater selfish pleasures and to escape actual or feared personal pain and suffering.

Each and every human being is driven by this same egoistic software without any exception. There is a difference only in the strength of the insatiable “egoistic hunger” to get and consume everything possible only for ourselves, and there is a difference in how much we are ready to sacrifice ourselves and others to get what we want.

It is these differences that arrange human society according to a pyramid structure. But even those who are at the “bottom of the pyramid” operate according to the same, 100% selfish, egoistic, and subjective operating software.

Thus, our perception of reality is also fatally limited and distorted since we access and probe from “absolute reality” only the parts and elements that can serve our egocentric, subjective, and individualistic calculations and aspirations.

This is why we have no idea about the world we live in, and we have no idea about who we truly are and what our purpose in existence is.

If we want to change this situation — which is becoming truly self-destructive in our times — and turn our fate around while also getting to know reality and nature’s system in its complete perfection, we would need to change our core and essence. Basically, what we need to change — and this is the primary and non-physical part and layer of existence — is our intention and purpose.

Instead of the 100% self-serving, self-justifying, subjective, and individualistic intentions and the single-minded purpose to fulfill ourselves with maximum pleasures while protecting ourselves against individual suffering, we would need to acquire a totally opposite, 100% selfless, altruistic, and 100% unconditional loving and serving intention towards others.

Only this “supernatural” — above inherent nature — intention can give us a certain level of similarity with natural reality, which operates, creates, and nurtures life based on the 100% selfless, altruistic, and “loving” service and complementation between all of its comprising elements.

Only when we become at least partially similar to nature — through building nature-like mutual integration and mutually complementing cooperation between human beings — can we enter nature’s system as its “inner observers” and equal partners.

Only when we learn and practice how to feel, taste, perceive, and experience reality through the desires, thoughts, and viewpoints of others with the help of the new intention in our mutual connections can we escape our inherently dark and destructive egocentric and subjective cocoon and acquire a truly objective and unlimited outlook at reality.

This way, we can even escape the inherently egocentric and subjective limitations of time and space, and as we delve ever-deeper into the “world of intentions,” constantly changing our intentions from selfish and egoistic to selfless and altruistic, we will even disconnect from the need to perceive our existence through the “biological apparatus,” since our biological and physical faculties become unnecessary to feel existence through them.

Only our inherently egocentric, subjective, and individualistic intentions lock us into “physical matter,” into experiencing life only through “ourselves,” until we perfect sensing our “true and Human self” through others, through “true love” and unconditional mutual service of each other.

True and complete reality exists “outside of us,” outside of the egocentric and subjective ‘self” we consider ourselves at the moment. But our “true self” exists without any limitations or bias through our selfless and unconditional love and service towards others.



Zsolt Hermann

I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.