How can we change the world?!

The Human Pyramid

As more and more people are discussing the obligatory changes we would need to make in the world to solve and prevent global calamities, the discussion constantly returns, focuses on certain individuals, groups, movements, nations, ideologies that people think are responsible for all the ills in the world.

The Futile, Historic Approach

And unless we change the program that drives us, unless we learn how to “upgrade”, balance our instinctive, blind urges, reflexes with Nature’s unique evolutionary template, force, we will continue self-destructing like alcoholics who cannot stop.

We All Need To Change Ourselves

This is why we need a new, very different method, approach! We need to identify the root cause — which is the inherently egocentric, individualistic program driving all of us, regardless of how aware of it we are, how strong it drives us to succeed at the expense of others — and learn to balance, channel the all-powerful ego to become the engine towards a positive, constructive, collective development following Nature’s perfect template.