How can we change the world?!

Zsolt Hermann
3 min readMay 22, 2020

The Human Pyramid

As more and more people are discussing the obligatory changes we would need to make in the world to solve and prevent global calamities, the discussion constantly returns, focuses on certain individuals, groups, movements, nations, ideologies that people think are responsible for all the ills in the world.

Even if there is presumed evidence that certain problems are caused by certain behavior, responses, scheming, we won’t be able to solve this problem at the level of where we are today, where everybody acts according to their instinctive behavior.

Humanity is rendered according to a pyramid model, with the most selfish, most exploitative people on top, who instinctively, according to their inbuilt program try to use everybody, the whole rest of the pyramid under them for their own profit, power, control.

They are using their inherent program they were born with and everybody else is using their own program they were born with. Up to this point, we had no free choice in Human history, we are helplessly stumbling through inevitably recurring, vicious historic cycles, where the tip of the pyramid tries to exploit the system to the last drop until it becomes intolerable for the rest and when the rest has nothing to lose anymore they revolt the system breaks and then we start rebuilding — without changing anything.

The Futile, Historic Approach

And unless we change the program that drives us, unless we learn how to “upgrade”, balance our instinctive, blind urges, reflexes with Nature’s unique evolutionary template, force, we will continue self-destructing like alcoholics who cannot stop.

Nothing will happen by changing parties, government, certain people, organizations, as whoever gets to the top will automatically become exactly like those who are there now, even if they come from the most humble origins, with the best intentions.

We all have to change as a single species, completing, upgrading the “unfinished” program we received from evolution in a conscious, proactive manner, exactly how evolution expects us to do.

But as long as we try making changes on the “ground level” we will remain unsuccessful, more and more frustrated until “hell breaks loose” again like 70–80 years ago. But again, looking at the big picture did our world become better after the devastating World War, destruction?! Did we learn anything from it?!

We All Need To Change Ourselves

This is why we need a new, very different method, approach! We need to identify the root cause — which is the inherently egocentric, individualistic program driving all of us, regardless of how aware of it we are, how strong it drives us to succeed at the expense of others — and learn to balance, channel the all-powerful ego to become the engine towards a positive, constructive, collective development following Nature’s perfect template.

This is possible in a methodical, scientific way, learning, attaining, and using the so-far hidden Natural forces, tendencies, blueprints that are surrounding us even now. But we are not “tuned”, prepared properly to use them.



Zsolt Hermann

I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.