How can we change Human society and snap out of the vicious historic cycles?

Opinion from the Internet about social dynamics, elites and masses:

Less and less did I care about social revolutions, which often bring about chaos, bloodshed, or tragedies. The first priority for the whole society is to benefit the majority of people, not for some ideology. So, it is more advisable to take a mild method when dealing with social conflicts. There exist examples that make little impact on society. Given the disparity between races, ethics, nations, that is undoubtedly hard. Just considering complicated domestic issues can drain an excellent leader’s intelligence, not to mention more care for an irrelevant nation thousands of miles away.

Condemning the masses is meaningless. That is not what I mean. I just take it as the hard truth, which may not be accepted by the mainstream. Or the fact most people are not so blunt to say out loud… Uttering calumnies is not constructive.

One of the purposes of education is to cultivate useful human labor resources. At least, with education, they become literate, they can do some basic algebra. The most intelligent, who can make a significant contribution to technology development can also be picked up. About enlightening? Education may be less helpful than religion.

We built a moral system, we invented laws, we make regulations, and all we have done is trying to make the whole society function within a fairly good order. But at present, the masses may have indulged themselves in “freedom,” “civil rights” too much. Indeed, they have the right to demonstrate their plea, but what matters is “how.” We all accept the notion that one can request something without intruding on others’ rights. So, what would that be called the violence accompanied demonstration? Such as store robbing, repeated arson, arbitrary vandalism. I don’t think anyone reveres laws or with a sense of decency can do such things. Moreover, someone may have formed the idea that only by violence can the problem be seen and solved. If it becomes people’s psychologically accepted trend, society will likely cost more loss when problems emerge again.

So, together with the political endeavor, justice enforcement, education is only one factor that contributes to social order. Aftermath, it should not be neglect to inculcate the masses the awareness that who perpetrated chaos should pay!

You are 100% correct in describing Human society right now, or how it has been through history.

So far Human society has been built based on, built by our inherently egocentric, self-serving, and self-justifying nature that thrives on exploiting others, succeeding, surviving at the expense of others.

Since we are all different in our hunger, willingness to sacrifice ourselves or exploit others to get what we need, Humanity is “rendered” according to a pyramid model, the most selfish, egotistic “elites” on top, with the less egotistic, less selfish masses below them.

And all Human civilizations, societies — regardless of their most prevalent ideology, governing, economic, social system — are aimed at, or turn out to be the elites leading, manipulating, exploiting the masses. The manipulation, oppression, inequality grows until it reaches an intolerable level when the masses become frustrated, they reach a point when they have nothing to lose and then some clever elements from the “elites” gather and incite the masses to serve their own, hidden, personal, selfish agendas and they overthrow the present system to start again — ending up in the same dead-end and explosive collapse.

In this system education is truly nothing else but mass-producing good workers and consumers to serve the “Matrix” as it was established at the time of the industrial revolution. And the “elites” use the ancient Roman idea of “circus and bread entertainment” to dumb and further manipulate the masses who readily accept it as they lack the motivation the elites have — until their lives again turn intolerable.

By our generation, this system of manipulation, “circus and bread” has become so sophisticated and almost impossible to detect, that people in Western countries truly believe that they are free, and can do whatever they want, when in fact they are even dumber, more controlled and manipulated than people in authoritarian regimes, where people at least more or less know how much they are not free what their boundaries are.

So the question today is if we continue the historic vicious cycles which are “programmed” to bring about our own civilization-ending explosion soon, or we are ready to take Human development into our own hands and we are ready to start building Human society on completely different values, platforms, templates.

This is where the new, unprecedented, “truly Human” education comes to play, which I referred to. And we do not need to change Humanity all at once. If a certain “critical mass” (about 15–20% of any given population) starts changing in the right direction, they can provide positive leadership, positive direction, while the increasing socio-economic crisis will provide the negative push from behind.



I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.

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Zsolt Hermann

I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.