How can we attain the absolute standards we can build a new Human society upon?!

Zsolt Hermann
5 min readMay 1, 2020

The turning point of Human existence: Perception of Reality

The right conclusion of the pandemic is that we will have to rebuild Human society on different foundations, based on mutually responsible and mutually completing Human interconnections with an economic model that is built on absolute, natural necessities and available resources. We need an “ideal” society where each contributes to the whole collective with one’s maximum ability, talent while receiving everything one needs for a modern, healthy Human life so one can continue that mutually responsible contribution.

Of course such an “ideal” — not idealistic since it would be based on Nature’s laws sustaining balance and homeostasis — society would require absolute standards, the undoubted, unquestionable recognition of the above mentioned Natural laws.

With this we are venturing much deeper, actually touching boundaries Humanity could not pass through for over 2 thousand years! We are touching the turning point of Human existence: perception of reality.

I agree with all the claims, doubts about the society I described. I fully agree that we need absolute standards otherwise we will never be able to agree upon anything, we won’t be able to access Nature’s system, we could never determine what true necessities are, we will always fall back into our own egotistic calculations making building a society based on true “mutual trust/mutual guarantee” impossible.

And I also agree with many who claim that religions, in general, tried to establish such absolute, objective standards, above Human nature. For example, I consider the Torah the “User’s Guide To Reality”.

Locked into Egocentroc, Subjective Cocoons

The question is who and in what way uses that “Guide”, the “Instructions” in it?!

The Torah and most other such writings were written in a unique, symbolic language with multiple layers. Thus how one understands and uses the writings depends on the level of penetration, attainment of the “user”.

And this is where we hit the wall!

By default, we are all locked inside a completely egocentric, subjective consciousness, perception of reality. We do not see reality as it is, but we see a very limited, distorted, personalized version, summary of it, which helps us in a simple, instinctive day to day survival following a self-serving, self-justifying “pleasure/pain” software. This is neither bad or good, this is how we are born.

But as a result, we use everything is a very superficial manner, including religions. We ‘understand” and apply the Torah, the Bible according to such superficial, literal interpretation, as if it was talking about actual people, actual history, geography, people, animals, mountains, and an angry/or loving, personalized “God”.

Thus it is not surprising that religions instead of uniting, guiding people have been the reasons for disputes, disagreements, wars, torture for millennia.

“Theoretical Sciences”

But our classical sciences did not, do not fare any better for the same reason. Due to our egocentric, subjective viewpoint, we do not actually research natural reality, we sample it to fulfill our selfish, needs, excessive desires. Thus by now — when we should have achieved great attainment, recognition. understanding, using quantum physics and its implications — science “degenerated” into philosophy, theoretical science, clasping at empty, unfounded ideas we cannot prove or actually research.

As a result, when Nature’s challenges, awakens us through different forces, or for example with the Covid-19 virus, we are found with our pants down, we panic and run around like headless chickens as all our “knowledge”, “intelligence”, “science” folds like play card castles.

Changing the Observer

Thus in order to know how to use absolute standards, to access Nature’s laws and implement them in Human society first we, the observer needs to change. We need a unique science that can help us to develop an unprecedented, completely selfless, objective observer point of view from which we can finally recognize and follow the absolute standards. Without such a viewpoint this is never going to be possible and there will always be those who are “more right than other”, forcing their leadership, opinion on others.

Those who “wrote”, passed on the Torah from generation to generation, who initially wrote interpretations, other writings based on it were not “religious” figures, leaders. They were unique, original, empirical scientists of Nature. What they wrote done in that unique, muti-layered, symbolic language was their “research journals” and they comprised a method that can help others to achieve the same absolute, objective attainment of Nature’s system.

They managed to do so by exiting their inherently selfish, egotistic, subjective consciousness, and perception by acquiring the selfless, altruistic qualities Nature’s system operates on. Then by this similarity — in contrast to their original egotistic, subjective nature which is neither suppressed nor erased — they attained a perfect, objective view of Natural reality.

As these people existed thousands of years before us their ego was relatively much smaller to ours, thus they could achieve this unique inner change, inner upgrade relatively easily. For us such an upgrade requires much greater effort, using the special method they left for us. Without it, by oneself, nobody can achieve the required selfless, objective perception.

“Come and See” that Life is Good!

From here on starts the real difficulty. Whatever I wrote cannot be proven, since proof starts only when we all changed our perception already. One cannot prove something to another when the other has no ability to see, taste, understand it. Thus true empirical scientists do not “prove” or “convince”. They pass on the method for others to go through the necessary changes so they find the proof for themselves. Then those who already attained the proper perception can compare their observations and build their society based on absolute standards that are clearly obvious for them.

Of course, 8 or more billion people can’t go through such a transition all at once. But if a relatively small “critical mass” starts and achieves this, they can become the pioneers, the “seers” helping others.

Why will others believe them, follow them?

Because they will see that what those few suggest works, and helps in contrast to the great of general society which continues to stumble from crisis to crisis towards total collapse.

Even this what I wrote is only for information without any attempt to convince or argue. As they say, “there is no coercion in true spirituality”, each person has to attain the proof, attainment for themselves using the right method. And even in relation to that, there is a saying, “one learns where one’s heart is”.

But those who attained the absolute standard will know it without any doubt, as the “new reality” will be verified in contact, against the reality we observe now through our egocentric, subjective vision. This acquired duality is the verification, proof.



Zsolt Hermann

I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.