How can one feel, justify Nature?!

Perception — through similarity and within contrast

As unique, empirical Natural scientists explain, in order to feel, taste, perceive something, we need to achieve a certain level of similarity with that something.

Our physical sensory organs are also built that way, they have receptors that are specifically suited for capturing input for the specific sensory impressions to detect light, soundwaves, tastes, smell, and tactile input.

They also use another very important principle of sending, perceiving: detecting contrasts. Without constant contact, comparative research we would never be able to sense, detect, verify anything.

Born with incomplete perception

Interestingly when it comes to the conclusion, a summary of these perfectly tuned, designed sensory inputs, our “personal computer” that filters, sorts and assesses the inputs does away with contrasts, comparative research.

Our overall perception of reality is “monotonic”, single-dimensional: we only feel ourselves, and everything else we judge, examine only in relation to the egocentric, subjective self.

Thus we don’t sense, research, attain reality as it is. We attain our own personalized version of it. This is how our inherent program works.

It is as if for a true, objective, unlimited perception we are missing half of our consciousness, perceptive faculties that could balance our self-centered vision, the half that could show us the world outside, disconnected from ourselves.

The potential, second program of perception

Fortunately we have the potential for acquiring this balance, the necessary contrast, duality in the form of a rudimentary, dormant “software”, DNA sequence in us. But we have to learn how to activate this program, DNA sequence — originally we don’t even know about — that could help us establish a second viewpoint on reality, outside, independent of ourselves.

The sign that such potential, ability exists in us is the insolent, increasingly irrepressible question in us about the “meaning of life”. This is a question, notion that starts to disturb us, and doesn’t let us settle for the usual, instinctive, and socially induced desires of food, sex, family, wealth, power and knowledge as a meaning for our lives.

This question starts to point, aim us beyond the usual values, purposes we are surrounded with. But at the end of the day this question remains a question, a potential spark unless we place it into the right “incubator”, fertile soil. After all as long as this spark, embryo remains in us, it can’t pull us, the “observer” out of the original self.

Activating the dormant software

This second viewpoint has to be something completely detached, independent of the original egocentric, subjective viewpoint, otherwise, it can’t fulfill its role, moreover, it has to become our primary observer point!

And this is something unheard of — except in science fiction, or in certain spiritual teachings — to establish a realistic, tangible, stabilized, and repeatable “out of body” (outside of our original self-centered, subjective desires, viewpoint) perception.

Still it is possible through a unique, purposeful, and highly practical educational method. In specifically organized, closed environments a small circle of fully committed people can activate this previously dormant, second indeed program by making 100% unwavering effort for annulling themselves towards each other.

They do everything they can — against their constantly resisting, fighting inherent egos — to give up their own mind, emotions and replace them with the intellect and desires, viewpoints of all the others.

Detaching from the self through love

The method is called: from “self-love”, through “love of others” to the “love of Nature”.

In this context “love” means being interested in something, investing into something, unconditionally immersing into, caring for something like a mother towards her baby.

We can’t truly sense, understands, perceive anything without such “love”, full investment into someone, something, being ready to fulfill every need of that “beloved”, getting to know that other through the desires, needs, viewpoints of that other through serving them unconditionally.

The unique method uses “love of others”, self-annulment and unconditional care, service towards the others in the circle in order to pull the new, unique, selfless, transparent observer out of the original egotistic being, egocentric, subjective desires and their fulfillment.

Without this “love of others” towards people one has no instinctive, familial, natural connection, attraction with, the person could never establish the unique objective viewpoint outside of the “approved, inner circle” of the selfish, subjective ego.

Entering a new, complete dimension of perception

Without the unique method and the fully committed mutual support it is impossible to go through the sense of detachment, pitch dark vacuum as one’s original viewpoint is transferred from within the self to “outside of the self” through “love of others”.

But when this unprecedented transfer happened, the new, altruistic, selflessly serving, “loving” program becomes activated, and it neutralizes, balances the original egocentric, subjective viewpoint, one suddenly acquires a completely new sense of reality, a new consciousness, and perception.

The acquired contrast, comparative research suddenly gives the world, reality a previously unknown, undetected depth.

On top of the previously known, observed chaos, a world full of destructive, seemingly illogical actions, events, random, haphazard processes one suddenly detects the purposeful order, cause and effect processes, the perfect flow of development till a most optimal final goal.

It is like suddenly rising from the level of a single-cell consciousness with its wanton, seemingly aimless fight for survival to the consciousness of the whole body in perfect tranquility, health, optimal development.

Reaching the sensation of the “Creator”

The new, truly Human observer can observe the whole reality in its totality, utter prevention through this duality, contrast. Moreover this Human observer gives life, colors, emotions to the whole Natural system.

We are primarily sentient beings, sensing everything emotionally. Even in our monotonous, “single-dimensional” consciousness, perception we relate to everything from people to animals, from our cars, houses to plants and rocks as if those were also sentient, living objects, beings as we clothe then into our Human qualities, emotional attributes.

This is how we turn the deterministic, lawful, particle-based Natural system into the emotional reality of the “Creator”, clothing Nature into “human” form, naming the system and its evolutionary force as our Creator, clearly sensing how it creates and sustains life, driving the whole system towards a perfect, fully integrated state on a “good and benevolent” manner.

But everything is assessed from the viewpoint of the objective Human observer, that enlivens the system, makes it one’s own — but this time through selfless, unconditional love.

This is how the “creature” and the “Creator” become one.




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