How can one feel, justify Nature?!

Perception — through similarity and within contrast

As unique, empirical Natural scientists explain, in order to feel, taste, perceive something, we need to achieve a certain level of similarity with that something.

Born with incomplete perception

Interestingly when it comes to the conclusion, a summary of these perfectly tuned, designed sensory inputs, our “personal computer” that filters, sorts and assesses the inputs does away with contrasts, comparative research.

The potential, second program of perception

Fortunately we have the potential for acquiring this balance, the necessary contrast, duality in the form of a rudimentary, dormant “software”, DNA sequence in us. But we have to learn how to activate this program, DNA sequence — originally we don’t even know about — that could help us establish a second viewpoint on reality, outside, independent of ourselves.

Activating the dormant software

This second viewpoint has to be something completely detached, independent of the original egocentric, subjective viewpoint, otherwise, it can’t fulfill its role, moreover, it has to become our primary observer point!

Detaching from the self through love

The method is called: from “self-love”, through “love of others” to the “love of Nature”.

Entering a new, complete dimension of perception

Without the unique method and the fully committed mutual support it is impossible to go through the sense of detachment, pitch dark vacuum as one’s original viewpoint is transferred from within the self to “outside of the self” through “love of others”.

Reaching the sensation of the “Creator”

The new, truly Human observer can observe the whole reality in its totality, utter prevention through this duality, contrast. Moreover this Human observer gives life, colors, emotions to the whole Natural system.



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Zsolt Hermann

I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.