How can Israel truly become “light unto others”?

Question from the Internet:

“Is it true that families of ancient Israel viewed very large families as a blessing but also as a form of protection as well?”

I think this is true to any traditional society — building society on larger, extended families, tribes, clans — that did not go through the usual Western, individualistic, ruthlessly competitive development which sooner or later each nation went or goes through.

We can watch such changes in India unfolding right now for example. This change from an originally familial, tribal, mutually supportive, mutually complementing society towards a ruthlessly competitive, individualistic, narcissistic society, where each only cares about themselves and even the classical family disappears is inevitable as our selfish, individualistic ego constantly grows, intensifies.

What was and still is special about Jews, Israel is that even at the time of the forming of the first Israeli nation they already had the method of building and sustaining a society above and against the growing, intensifying egotistic, isolationist, ruthlessly competitive tendencies.

Unfortunately, even Jews forgot about their own method and so far only the constant external hatred, the threat against them holds them together, existing like “ a bag of walnuts” reluctantly grinding, rustling against each other, held together by the “bag” of constant threat against them.

Today, as humanity is inevitably sliding towards self-destruction as we do not know how to balance, neutralize our growing selfish, exploitative, hateful tendencies against each other in a globally integrated and interdependent world, it is crucially important that Jews relearn, rediscover their own method and show a positive example to everybody else.

Only when humanity learns how to unite, cooperate together above everything that rejects people from each other — with the help of the positive Israeli example — can we avoid the seemingly inevitable global catastrophe! This is how Jews can truly become “light unto others”.