How can individuals help a community to change, transform their attitude in times of crisis?

The limitations of individual influence

How much an individual intellect can help a community is limited.

We are all egocentric, subjective, thus even with the sharpest intellect, and with the seemingly best intentions we suggest, show things from our own point of view, according to our own understanding, towards our own benefit. We can’t help it we can’t function in any other way, we are programmed like it.

On the other hand, all others listen to whatever we say, show through their own egocentric, subjective criticism, filters thus they will try to discredit whatever we say show, as nobody likes to accept that another is stronger, greater, more clever, more intelligent. And the more “standout”, higher on the societal ladder one is, the more rejections, discredit one receives from others who want to prove they have better answers, solutions.

Collective Intellect Through Workshops

Only a unique “collective intelligence,”, “collective mind”, when we combine our individual intellect, understanding in a unique way — through specifically, methodically organized workshops — can we achieve true transformation, changes, where all feel part of the deliberation, decision, and action.

This way nobody has to yield, subdue towards another, each keeps and provides one’s own ideas, solutions and then they build a completely new, composite answer, solution that did not exist in either of them before, still it contains elements of the opinions of all of them. Thus nobody loses, all wins.

This is the way forward in a globally integrated and interdependent world, through teamwork and collective mind.



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