How can Humans programmed for war make peace?

While seemingly the majority of Humanity wants peaceful existence, somehow those who lead societies can still incite them to hate, go to war, ruthlessly, exclusively compete.

The truth is that we are all born with an inherently egocentric, individualistic, and subjective nature and we all enjoy benefiting, succeeding, surviving at the expense of others.

But our “hunger”, the willingness to sacrifice ourselves or others is vastly different, and according to this difference, Humanity is like a pyramid. Those on top are ready and willing to do anything to maximize their power, profit, they are willing to sacrifice all, including themselves to reach what they want.

But as we all have the same basic nature — in the right conditions, with the right method, words, incentives — they can recruit, mobilize the masses for destructive goals, they can awaken nationalism, hatred against others — as we can observe it again and again in history and today.

Basic logic dictates that if we removed the warmongering, egotistic, power-hunger leaders we could make peace. Or if we erased our individual and national identities, differences there would be no war anymore. This is all false. It has already been tried and it failed.

Until we all understand the inner program, the nature that drives us and we learn how to act, connect above the instinctive distrust, rejection of others for tangible, sustainable common goals, purposes, we will never be able to make peace and keep it.

A Human being that is “programmed to fight, compete against others” will live in peace only when peace, cooperation, mutual responsibility makes more sense, provides greater benefits than war, mutual destruction, gaining at the expense of others.

We can learn how to reach such a state when we can tangibly feel through the right, purposeful and practical education how together we can rise to a qualitatively much higher level of existence — according to Nature’s fundamental laws of integrality. And the great benefits of that mutual existence will keep the instincts driving us to war at bay.