How can a tiny, “primitive” virus defeat might Humanity with all our intelligence and technological abilities

It is very simple.

Although the virus is seemingly primitive, its “software” comes from Nature’s perfect system, functions according to Nature’s iron laws that sustain balance and homeostasis in the system without which life, a positive development is impossible.

Our mind, intelligence, our whole system is based on an illusory, unfounded Human paradigm, which is built by our inherently unnatural, egotistic, selfish software (which paradoxically we also received from the same perfect Nature). Moreover, we apply our intelligence, technology in a fragmented, uncoordinated manner, mostly using whatever we have against one another, trying to succeed, survive, profit at each other’s expense.

Nature — a system infinitely greater, stronger than Humanity — will always trump us in any form and shape, be it as powerful as an earthquake or as seemingly tiny as a virus.

On the other hand, we have a potential ability that is far greater than anything else that exists in Nature. We have the ability to acquire a secondary, balancing software upgrade over our inherently egoistic, selfish, subjective, self-destructive one.

This is the reason for the seemingly paradoxical “anomaly”, Nature “releasing us into production” with such a faulty, “raw” software. It is exactly this egotistic, self-destructive software which gives us the “outsider” status we need to become independent observers, witnesses of Nature’s system, and this gives us unparalleled free choice to upgrade ourselves and complete our development — becoming truly Human, similar to Nature above and against our inherent egotistic reflexes, software.

Now that we have been given awakenings, warnings about how harmful, self-destructive it is to follow our original software, blindly serving our egos, more and more people feel the need for change, and finally many also understand that this change does not mean correcting others or the world around us, but it means correcting ourselves.

From this unique recognition, we can already start the new, this time conscious phase of Human development — through a special, purposeful, and practical educational method, which can guide us towards attaining the necessary “natural software upgrade” towards fulfilling our evolutionary Human potential.



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Zsolt Hermann

I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.