“Homo Sapiens” — “Wise Human”

Question from the Internet:

“Is it possible for a human to lack sapience?”

By default, we lack sapience, true wisdom. Our name, “homo sapiens” — “wise human” refers to our potential, final, fully developed form, not to the blind, instinctive form we are born into and we still hold onto.

Our present human wisdom, knowledge is completely superfluous, harmful, as it is inherently subjective, egocentric, and used only to help us succeed, survive at each other’s and at Nature’s expense like cancer.

The true Wisdom that will make us “wise human” is the Wisdom Nature possesses, contains, which we can access, learn, obtain by becoming similar to Nature, by selflessly, altruistically, mutually integrating with each other as all other elements in Nature.

This is when we become “truly Human” — according to the Hebrew translation of “human” — Adam, which comes from the expression, “similar”.

And as a result of the acquired similarity, we will become Nature’s only conscious, integrated, and at the same time independent observers, students, partners by acquiring Nature’s true Wisdom — on the merit of acquiring this similarity consciously, proactively above, against our inherent nature.

This is our evolutionary Human purpose in existence.