Holding onto the new lifestyle after the lockdown

After rehab

We still don’t know what merciful affect this virus has on us long term.

Indeed through the quarantine we went through a forced rehab program, stripping from us the unnecessary, surplus and most of the time harmful consumption, services we were brainwashed to expect, covet, keep buying.

We were already drowning in debt, the real epidemics that affected especially the developed, Western societies were depression, loneliness, substance abuse, the breakdown of the classical family as a result of our aimless, artificial, inhumane consumerist lifestyle.

Holding onto “abstinence” together

Now we will all be bombarded with hysteric media, marketing and entertainment brainwash again, urging us to return to our old habits of “shop till drop”, and “retail therapy”. So the question is how much we can hold back, and stay on the present lifestyle, closer to true, natural, modern necessities and available resources.

We will be “helped” by the worsening economic, financial crisis (which already started before the pandemic) removing most of the industry that produces the non-essential products, services.

But besides that we also need to build new, closed, smaller, mutually responsible and mutually complementing communities that will guide and help us through the difficult transitional period of inevitable unemployment, uncertainty until we will start rebuilding our societies on much more Humane and Natural foundations, values, goals.

And for that we will need a unique, purposeful and practical educational method.



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