Question from the Internet:

“Can the thoughts of one person significantly alter the collective consciousness?”

Yes, and this is actually a very scary, daunting notion we instinctively try to block out right now, as we simply have no education, preparation to handle such vast, crushing responsibility.

But we won’t have a choice but to investigate and understand what actually it means that we have evolved into a single, closed, fully integrated and interdependent system, where the so-called “butterfly effect” world with full force.

And since thoughts, intentions represent the most powerful forces in reality - which we know with the help of quantum physics - with every thought, intention we influence the whole system!

And since inherently we make calculations decisions in a self-serving, subjective manner, we intend only for our own sake, we are by default constantly harming everything and anybody around us all over the world!

Thus it is not surprising that our world is in a terrible crisis, chaos.

So we urgently need the right, purposeful and practical educational method to help us adjust, adapt ourselves to the integral system so so the influence, interference we “broadcast”, project would become positive, constructive got the whole system.