Having absolute power

Opinion from the Internet:

“When you describe our totally integrated, interdependent system it seems you feel totally powerless.”

I think — if you read again what I wrote you might see better — it is the opposite.

Just imagine what power each of us have in this integrated, fully interdependent network, when every move of a finger, every thought inadvertently changes, influences the whole system!

With a simple tweak of our intentions from “for my own sake" to “for the sake of others" I can turn from inherent destroyer to a helper, constructor, guardian of the system.

And when we realize that — while our own actual power is minuscule — we can become valves, adaptors, transmitters for Nature’s single life-giving, evolutionary force to flow through us towards others, if we can maintain the right, selfless, altruistic intention annulling ourselves towards others.

No, there is no problem with having forces, powers the question is how we use them!