Harnessing the insatiable human ego

Question from the Internet:

“Are human wants truly insatiable?”

Yes, we are all driven by an insatiable, fully egocentric, subjective, and individualistic desire which is the engine of our lives.

While all of Nature is driven by a desire for self-existence, survival, constantly fighting, searching for nourishment, safety in order to fulfill natural necessities, the human desire for existence, survival contains a uniquely human, egotistic, exploitative component that exceeds the boundaries of natural necessities.

It is this human ego that differentiates us from other developed primates like orangutans, chimpanzees we originate from the same root with, but while they remained basically unchanged for millions of years, humanity made an incredible, breakneck development especially in the last few centuries, decades.

While our primate counterparts still live within the same natural habitat, respecting their natural boundaries and Nature’s laws of balance and homeostasis, humanity exceeded even the boundaries of the plane, searching for opportunities to colonize other planets while exploiting Earth till the last drop.

Our inherently insatiable nature — while it caused positive human development — has especially became like cancer in the globally integrated and interdependent world we evolved into. As a result, we are threatening our own survival directly through social breakdown, wars, while also threatening to deplete Nature’s resources — and by that again threatening our own survival.

Thus we are at unique crossroads today since in order to solve our mounting global problems and to facilitate, safeguard our collective survival we need to change. We can’t suppress, erase our desire, we can’t switch off our engine of existence. But we can learn how to harness, channel the awesome power of our ego towards positive, constructive, mutually beneficial, collective goals, purposes.