“Good people” trying to go off the grid…

Zsolt Hermann
3 min readMay 9, 2020


Are there truly good people vs evil people in Humanity?

Many people are suggesting, that the time has come to rebuild our world, to start building a completely new Human socio-economic system, starting with small cells “off the grid” that become self-sufficient. This way the “naturally benevolent 99%” could disconnect from the “evil, greedy, exploitative 1%” and live in peace and harmony.

I fully agree, that we need to start rebuilding and that this rebuilding needs to start with small, closed, mutually responsible, and mutually complementing cells on completely new values, goals.

Still, there are some extremely important factors we must take into consideration.

It is not only the 1% that is selfish, egocentric, working only for themselves. We all are like that, this is our inherent nature — that we make calculations only for ourselves and make connections, mutual cooperation only when it benefits us. And this is neither bad or good, we are born that way and if we do not know this about ourselves yet, we haven’t faced such choices yet, we haven’t faced situations that truly provoked, challenged that Human ego that controls us completely.

The 1% is simply the most egoistic, selfish part of Humanity’s pyramid, but any of us placed into their position would behave the same, just as any of us could become a concentration camp guard as the Stamford experiment proved. There are many in corrupt, self-serving political, or other leadership positions today who started as “innocent”, humble activists, honestly wanting to become “public servants”, who truly believed in helping others, serving the interest of others until they rose higher and higher and the system sucked them in.

The Human ego as a purposeful engine in Nature’s fully integrated system

For this reason, it does not matter how and in what way, where we build small cells. As long as we did not correct our inherent program — all of us — all other attempts, like the whole of Human history will continue to be a failure.

Again, being born egotistic, selfish is neither evil nor is it sinful. This is the nature Humanity is formed from Nature, it is only the ego that differentiates us from other animals. This has a great evolutionary purpose, advantage, and as soon as we learn how to harness, channel the irrepressible, indestructible ego we will understand why without it we could become “truly Human”.

Moreover, we can’t “go off the grid” in a globally integrated and interdependent world. The virus showed very clearly that today we are all locked into a single system nobody can escape from. We either succeed or fail together as a single inevitably integrated species.

Thus everything starts with a unique educational program that can teach us both what it means to live in a fully integrated and interdependent system and also how to adjust, upgrade our inherent nature to become compatible with the global, integral system — all the 100% of us!



Zsolt Hermann

I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.