Going through birthing pains

Question from the Internet:

“Have the last few years affected your faith in humanity? Has it increased or decreased your opinion of people in general and in what ways?”

Perhaps I am not the right person to ask, since I have been studying a unique, empirical, Natural science for more than ten years, which science studies Human nature and our purpose in life.

As a result, I do not have “faith”, or “doubts” about Humanity. I know that we are developing as we should, and we are on our way to fulfill our very unique, unparalleled evolutionary role in Nature’s system.

The present chaos, evolving crisis, desperate helplessness is the inevitable “birthing pains” before starting an unprecedented transition, when we finally shift from a long, several millennia-long blind, instinctive development to a fully conscious, proactive path.

So we just need to hang on, and start studying and understanding what desires, forces, intentions have been driving us, that are causing our seemingly hopeless march towards self-destruction.

And when we finally understood the root problem and are ready to change, we can start the above mentioned conscious, proactive path of adaptation to Nature’s perfect, fully integrated, and interdependent system, in order to become its sole, conscious, “insider observers”.

Without going through the previous instinctively selfish, exploitative historic cycles, reaching today’s dead-end, we would never be able to acquire and appreciate the very opposite state, when we fully integrate with each other — through methodically built, selfless, and altruistic connections — and by that we integrate into Nature’s system through the acquired similarity.