“Globalization” liberates us!

Question from the Internet:

“How does globalization influence your choices?”

Globalization reduces and sharpens our choices very much.

“Globalization” means existing in a globally integrated world, where we all depend on each other and we are all responsible for each other.
And this doesn’t only mean the markets, financial systems, entertainment or media. We have become locked into the same “life-system” by evolution, where we all became like individual cells in a single, fully integrated body.

Now, of course this is not what we want, we are all born proudly, fiercely individualistic, independent, so the last thing we want is to become a single, mutually responsible, mutually complementing cell in a huge organism.

We want to be free!

But are we actually free?!

Most of the people think they are.

We are not aware of how much we are totally slaves to our inherently self-serving, self-justifying, subjective egos, that force us to make calculations constantly only for ourselves, while we see only a very small, limited and distorted slice of reality, that serves our day to day, introverted survival.

Our innate “freedom” forces us into the endless, ruthless, exclusive competition, success and directly at the expense of others, while consuming everything and everybody around us like cancer.

Evolving into the above mentioned global system obligates us to start making calculations towards the well-being of others, towards the well-being of the whole collective. After all, in this integral system my personal health, survival (as the pandemic also showed) directly depends on the health, survival of everybody else.

We could say that we are changing the slavery to our individual egos to become slaves towards everybody else.

Superficially it is true.

But when we actually make the switch (and due to the pressure from evolution we don’t really have a choice about this), we will suddenly realise that by becoming selfless, unconditional servants of others - instead of serving the egotistic self - we become liberated from the originally very limited, egocentric, subjective consciousness, perception.

By selflessly, unconditionally serving others we gain an unlimited, objective consciousness, perception of reality through the desires and viewpoints of the others we serve.

Instead of the dark, extremely limited, hostile individual cave I lived in before, I enter an infinite, eternal dimension of consciousness and perception beyond the original subjective restrictions of time, space and physical motion.

This is the choice given to us by globalization!