“Globalization” is obligated by Nature’s evolution

Globalization affects everybody and at all levels of Human activity.

Globalization - existing in a globally integrated, interdependent system where we are all 100% responsible for each other - is not “man-made”.
It is an evolutionary necessity.

We had to evolve into this global, integral world as only this way can we reach compatibility with Nature’s fully integrated, closed, living system - we are still part of, evolve with.

Nature’s plan of evolution is relentlessly progressing towards the most optimal integration among its diverse parts, elements. Humanity - as part of Nature - can’t remain, outside of this integration.

If we remain incompatible - with our excessive, exploitative system, cancer like survival at the expense of each other - we won’t have the right to survive in Nature and the system will reject us like a foreign body.

The perpetual, worsening crisis, the virus, our socio-economic collapse we feel now, is already part of this rejection.

Through the right, purposeful “Global, Integral Education” we can learn how to build the Natural, mutually responsible, and mutually complement connections that will guarantee our collective survival.