Global integration unfolds above, using individual and national uniqueness

Question from the Internet:

“Globalization draws off or removes the spirit of nationalism in people. Why?”

“Globalization” - evolving into a globally integrated, interdependent world is not “man-made”, it is a Natural, evolutionary necessity in a Natural system that relentlessly progresses towards a final, most optimal state of integration.

Humanity as part, a single species of Nature, is obliged to adapt to evolution.

Thus “globalization” has no direct relation to “nationalism”, it neither draws off nationalism not does it remove it.

On the other hand the crucially important global integration, mutual responsibility, mutually complementing cooperation we have to learn, implement doesn’t mean suppressing, erasing individual, national identities.

We need to keep, cherish and strengthen our individual, national uniqueness, abilities, qualities. Otherwise we wouldn’t be able to contribute with our best abilities to the diverse, vibrant, dynamic “mosaic” Humanity is destined to become in Nature’s integral system.

We just need to learn - through a unique, global, integral education - how to interconnect, cooperate above and despite the inherent diversity, differences, instinctively individualistic, exclusively competitive tendencies.