Global integration and local responsivness

Question from the Internet:

“What is global integration and local responsiveness?”

Global integration is something Nature’s laws that sustain balance and homeostasis, and evolution’s relentless drive towards full integration in Nature obligates. From Nature’s point of view, Humanity is a single, fully integrated organism like a single body, in which we are all individual cells. Whether we want it or not, willingly or pushed by increasing suffering, we will have to consciously adapt, refine ourselves and Humanity to the state of how Nature’s system, laws treat, obligate us.

Local responsiveness means small, functional, partially independent local communities that have to organize themselves and act in order to cater to local needs, while ensuring the seamless, global integration with other such local units — like organs in the body — so the whole system, the body can function in the most optimal way.

The main driver, the primary calculations are always towards the well-being, optimal development of the whole system, above the independent, local calculations. It is similar to our bodies, while the whole body tries to help, heal one of its sick organs, the whole body cannot be sacrificed for the malfunction of one of its organs.