From physical to virtual until we find the intention…

Learning to connect virtually

I think one lesson we learned through the quarantine is that our social interaction is not dependant on our physical connections.

Transitioning towards global connections

And while it was a virus that seemingly forced us into the virtual domain, it is actually an evolutionary necessity. The other thing the virus showed in an unquestionable manner is that we are locked into a single, fully integrated, global system above borders, nationalities, and everything else that usually separates us.

Accessing true control through intentions

But that transition will already require a unique, purposeful, and practical educational method, where we can learn — in a realistic, tangible, scientific manner — how to focus on the intentions accompanying our physical, virtual actions and to try living, connecting through the intentions, which determine how our actions unfold and influence the fully integrated system. Before accessing, using the “intention level” of our actions we remain on a completely predetermined, superficial layer, controlled by our blind instincts, hormonal reactions.