From Canada’s Victoria Day to The “Science of Integral Nomology” — What ?!?

Zsolt Hermann
3 min readMay 18, 2020

A new story from my dear friend, Ernest Itzkovitch from Toronto:

Today is May 18, 2020 — Canada is celebrating Victoria Day. Victoria Day named after Queen Victoria’s Birthday and marks the beginning of the summer in Canada. It is a very special and important day in Canada’s history and also considered as a “Global Friendship Day” — where greetings and even tulips from all over the world are sent as Gifts to Canadians from numerous Countries worldwide — and even planted on the Parliament Hill in Ottawa allowing Canadians and tourists from all over the world to enjoy Nature’s beauty and harmony — far beyond our imagination!

My Big Brother, Robert, is a violin player — and I recall from my childhood his patience and love to this instrument how he was tuning his Cremona violin for almost 15–20 minutes until he got the perfect tune of all strings together.
Yes — the Secret is Love — I would call it “relation” to a person or a musical instrument (just for the sake of this article) — when a music player/art performer, especially in a music band or query — have the goal to bring pleasure and joy to others by listening, cooperating and merging (like adhesion with Nature) their talents and feelings into One Perfect Tune/song.
The perfect tuning of the musical instruments is awakening our shared feeling of “One United Desire” to feel the message/harmony of the music band players that aiming to reach adhesion with the public on a New Degree/Level.

So, if we are “Calibrating or Tuning ourselves toward each other — Together We Become One”, same like the strings of a violin that are calibrated toward the other strings to create perfect harmony, for example —
In these days, The World is gradually lifting the” Corona Lockdown Restrictions”, international cooperation, and “mutual consideration” is important more than ever in order to “Keep the World Safe and The Global Population Healthy”. Frankly speaking and looking into the eyes of each other, we are not used to it due to our “self-interest”.

As usual, “our lifesaver” is the internet — where you can find out everything that you don’t know anything about it.
Welcome to the Integral Nomology | Project IWRI — this is the “new miracle” I found that actually explained to me “what is actually Connecting us as Friends and players in” (I am playing the accordion). Check it out:
“Integral nomology promotes practical scientifically proven integral methodologies and the realization of the main life goals of an individual and an integral society”.

If I understood correctly from this statement/IWRI Quote — that “Good Life Depends On My Relations With An Integral Society”. But how can I bring the Society to become Integral (interconnected) if everybody is pulling the strings toward self-interest and personal benefit, opposite to society’s unity?
Welcome to “Miracle #2”. Just now I realized — that everybody is talking about change but when I am asking the question “who is ready to change himself/herself in order to improve our relations toward improving the balance with Nature”- we are looking and pointing on each other, but not on ourselves.

The bottom line — is you want to “make a change in your life from good to perfect” that will really happen — change your attitude toward the others/society, and once you will change — the society will become one. I agree with you 100% that this conclusion is controversial because it is much easier to demand change from others but for sure not from myself, so “Integral Education” is the answer to your desire.
If something in this article triggered to ask “What I should do ?”- like and share the IWRI links below:



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