For democracy to prevail we need the right education

Question from the Internet:

“What do you think the best practice in order to preserve a democratic society? Why?”

We started to realize today, that we cannot preserve democracy, we cannot create peaceful, equal, fair, and prosperous societies with our usual ideologies, political, economic, social, and governing systems.

We might have some nice ideas on paper, but when it comes to implementation our inherently self-serving, self-justifying, subjective, and exploitative ego (that drives all of us) distorts, corrupts everything sooner or later.

Thus we will not be able to build “democratic” societies as long as we did not change the root cause of our recurring failures: our own nature.

And changing our own nature without coercion, without misleading propaganda, dogma, brainwashing is possible only with the right, purposeful education.

Thus the best practice to even understand and then implement what democracy, equality, peace, mutual responsibility mean, is the right education.