For a perfect human society, we need to use Nature’s integral template

Question from the Internet:

“If you could build the perfect society which model countries would you take? In all fields (human, ecology, organization, spiritual etc.) which qualities of any country would you take and which country you would never copy?”

In order to build the perfect society, we cannot take any present or past countries as examples, as everything we have built so far, was built by and for our inherently self-serving, self-justifying, exploitative, and subjective nature.

All our ideologies, philosophies, systems reflect this all-powerful human ego that has been shaping human civilizations for millennia, driving the helplessly recurring, vicious historic cycles.

If we want to build a perfect human society we would need to use Nature’s perfect, integrated template, we would need to learn how to adapt ourselves to Nature’s strict, unchanging laws that sustain the balance and homeostasis that life and optimal development are based upon.

Since humanity is an integral part of Nature as one of its species and as the above mentioned natural laws are obligatory us as well, we won’t be able to solve our mounting, global problems ( as a result of our incompatibility with Nature) and won’t be able to safeguard our survival unless we become similar to Nature.