Fixing America’s problems starts with building unity

Question from the Internet:

“What can our government do right now to begin to fix the biggest problems we face in America?”

The biggest problem in America is the disunity, distrust, hatred between individuals and different interest, cultural, racial, religious and political groups.

All the other problems are the result of this separation, mutual animosity and rejection.

This originates from our inherently self-serving, self-justifying, egotistic and fiercely individualistic nature — which is the most conspicuous in the US — which has been exploited, augmented through education, upbringing and by “clever" politicians, public influencers and the sophisticated propaganda machinery they use.

Thus the government would need to introduce a completely different upbringing, education, public discourse and “propaganda" to facilitate mutually responsible and mutually complementing connections and cooperation.

The question is if the government and those behind it have any intention to do so?! After all it is much easier to manipulate, control the masses through “divide and conquer".

So the crucially important development towards unity, mutually cooperating — without which there is no problem solving, survival — might need to start from the grassroots instead of waiting for the leaders to initiate it.