Finding perfect balance

Question from the Internet:

“Do all situations show action and reaction? If no, which situations do not show action or reaction?”

Life, the Universe is the result of the interaction between two opposite forces. We know it through ancient wisdoms and modern sciences alike.

Moreover our perception of reality is the result of contrasts, detecting such opposing forces, phenomena and comparing them.

By default - through our inherently egocentric, subjective consciousness, perception - we can’t effectively perceive these contrasts as we fall to either side according to how our selfish, introverted observer assesses the situation subjectively.

We can - through a unique, purposeful and highly practical method that is built on the most fundamental laws of Nature sustaining balance - acquire an unprecedented, selfless and objective viewpoint between Nature’s opposing forces, phenomena.

In that point even the most extreme, most contradictory forces, action/reaction complement each other into perfect equilibrium, where we sense the greatest tension, contradicting and a perfect unity, balance at the same time.