Finding ourselves in an explosive paradox

In the last few decades, we grew into an explosive paradox.

On one hand, we continued developing according to our originally individualistic, self-oriented, subjective nature, trying to secure our survival at the expense of others and at the expense of Nature. On the other hand at the pressure of Nature’s relentless evolutionary plan, we have evolved into a fully integrated and interdependent world.

As a result, we have become completely incompatible with our Natural, evolutionary conditions. If we needed any proof, the completely inadequate, self-defeating reactions and “solutions” from individuals and nations alike to the Covid19 pandemic showed how much we are unable to solve global problems with the usual, mutually competing, individualistic and nationalistic approach.

So now we need to make a decision.

Obviously Nature’s laws of integration, the relentless drive of evolution will not change. Only we can change if we want to achieve the necessary compatibility with our evolutionary conditions our survival depends on.

If we make the right decision to change ourselves, the way we relate to each other and to Nature, we have the necessary, purposeful and highly practical educational method that can facilitate the unprecedented, fundamental “self-upgrade” with positive motivation, without coercion.