Finally the only endangered species — Humanity — is waking up!

Question from the Internet:

“Can you share some news you heard today that will uplift people, no matter how big or small?”

I have seen this article on CNN which gave me hope.
In it Bertrand Piccard a great explorer, scientists days the following:
"The planet will survive; humankind is at risk," he says. "We are so stupid in general as humankind. We are destroying our environment, destroying our natural resources, poisoning the air and the rivers. Just putting ourselves in a situation where life will be more and more difficult. It’s crazy."

This goes together with what we have seen during the first, almost global quarantine, when Humanity retreated in an unprecedented scale. And Nature almost immediately started repairing itself, recovering from damage we caused for decades within a few days.

Thus Mr. Piccard is right, Nature is not endangered by Humans. We are the only endangered species!

So Bertrand Piccard is making our situation also very clear:
We don’t need to worry about saving certain animals, forests, oceans. First we need to focus on saving ourselves. And we already know that we can’t do that with our misguided, self-serving, exploitative political ideologies, economic systems, religions our philosophies.

Instead finally we need to humbly take example from Nature’s perfectly balanced, omnipotent system and rebuild Human connections and human society on its template.

And that means first of all building “Nature-like”, selfless, altruistic, mutually responsible and mutually complementing interconnections, making calculations for the sake of the whole collective.

Moreover we have to adjust our lifestyle to the optimal parameters of natural necessities and available resources. This doesn’t mean going back to caves, living like “hunter-gatherers". Simply we need to cut all the unnecessary, obsolete production and consumption which was serving the so-called “aggregate demand" for “virtual”, excessive, individual profit’s sake.

And since we will need to achieve all this above and against our inherently egocentric, individualistic, ruthlessly competitive nature, we need a special, purposeful and highly practical educational method.
Only such a method can help us change, adjust ourselves without coercion, oppression, dogmas and misleading propaganda.

I was very much encouraged by the above article as it shows that we are reaching the necessary awareness, understanding the root problem that ails us, and the right diagnosis leads to the right treatment.