Explaining “prayer” scientifically

Zsolt Hermann
6 min readMay 18, 2020

Prayer as we know it

Normally we consider a prayer a personal or collective request, mostly towards an unknown entity we hope that exists and hears us. And we ask for something we think would be good for ourselves, or others according to our understanding, according to our subjective hopes and expectations.

Sometimes we can consider a prayer an involuntary outburst of desire, intolerable lack, even without directing it towards any address, simply out of frustration that we can’t achieve, acquire, complete what we really would like.

So a prayer is always a certain need, lack, an assessment between our actual state and a higher, more desirable state, us wanting to achieve that higher, more desirable state.

The Hebrew word for prayer (lehitpalel) literally means “judging oneself”, sensing this intolerable gap, unbridgeable differences between what I have and what I want.

Conditions for a true prayer

Unique, empirical, Natural scientists describe a few conditions for the “perfect prayer”, which will surely receive an answer.

One such condition is that when I address my prayer towards a certain address, entity, I have to be certain that that entity has what I need and is willing to give it to me. This is why a true prayer, request starts with “gratitude”, confidence, that I have such a good and benevolent, omnipotent entity to turn to.

And from my side — apart from believing that there is the above mentioned entity that can, and is willing to fulfill my request — I have to be certain that I already tried everything I could to achieve what I want, but I failed utterly, miserably.

I have to be certain that what I need is a true necessity without which I can’t continue, and I have to have a very sharp sense that if I can’t get what I want, “even death is better than living without it” (as for example distraught lovers feel when they are rejected by their beloved).

Integral parts of Nature’s system

Although most people would consider prayer and the above conditions religious, belonging to blind faith, there is a very “down to earth”, scientific version of it which can actually help us progress, grow, propel us through unprecedented changes in our Human development.

First of all let us examine our addressee, the entity we could request from.

Although we like to believe that we exist independently, as standalone creatures that can do whatever we like in this world, this is not true. We are all born from Nature’s all-encompassing, fully integrated system, we are still integral parts of this system, evolving with its evolutionary plan, whether we want it or not, whether we are aware of it or not.

This Natural system is not random, accidental but it is based on very strict, unbending Natural laws, and it has a singular, deterministic developmental plan that drives the system towards increasing diversity on one side, while also drives the system towards most optimal, ever greater integration on the other hand.

And the system is obviously “good and benevolent”, since it creates and sustains life with the most perfect possible conditions, moreover it has a very unique Human purpose for us that is greater, more special then anything else in reality.

Humanity born disconnected from Nature

Seemingly we are abandoned by Nature’s perfect system, since we are born with an inherently egocentric, individualistic, self-serving, subjective nature, that disconnects us from Nature’s integral network, and forces us to live in constant fight, exclusive competition for survival, succeeding at each other’s expense while constantly looking over our shoulders.

By default Humanity is like a cancer, foreign body in Nature in a path towards seemingly inevitable self-destruction. And since we are incompatible with Nature with our original consciousness, perception we have no idea of the plan we should be following, we don’t know Nature’s laws of integration, even with our most developed sciences we are hardly scratching the surface.

Thus whatever we try, all our ideologies, systems, civilizations, solutions only make our situation ever worse. The proof is history’s sad chain of helplessly recurring, vicious cycles and our very own situation today, approaching our own civilization ending explosion — with or without Covid-19.

Ready for a collective prayer, but not with the right intention

So seemingly we are ready for a perfect prayer, for a perfect request for the first time in our history!

One one hand we have our very own absolute, omnipotent entity — Nature’s system and its evolutionary force — that can help us in a benevolent way.

We are in an increasingly desperate situation which can soon become a literally “life or death” state, our collective Human existence being at stake facing economic collapse, potential wars and different Natural disasters. We have already tried all possible variations of governing, economic, social systems through history and we failed with all of them.

The problem is that at this stage most people are still unaware of these important components of the perfect prayer — self-judgement and subsequent request.

We still disregard Nature, feeling ourselves superior to it, independent from it. We still ignore our dire situation and even after the pandemic — though being aware that a probable second more serious wave is coming — we just blindly want to return to our previous self-destructive life.

And when we desire, want something, it is only to fulfill our own egotistic needs, desires, we want the world, Nature to change the way we imagine, demand any changes for our own egotistic sake, while we ourselves don’t want to change at all.

Our inherent individuality, pride, stubbornness clouds our vision and logic.

The path of suffering

Thus we have now to ways through which we can reach the necessary prayer, request total Nature’s evolution, that could help us solve our problems and safeguard our collective Human survival.

The first option is the instinctive, unpleasant path of suffering.

In this way we will keep trying to justify ourselves and continue with our individualistic, nationalistic, self-serving, exploitative lifestyle, excessively consuming Human system. Then the increasing crisis situations, more frequently occurring natural blows will exert so much pressure, intolerable suffering on us, that we won’t be able to ignore Nature’s complete control, authority above us any longer.

Then we will yield against our will and submit to Nature’s laws, principles, acquiring compatibility with them, integrating into Nature’s system that way.

The conscious, positive, proactive path

We can reach the same adaptation, integration through another path.

We can consciously, proactively, methodically start researching Nature, this time not in order to exploit it for our own selfish reward, profit, but in order to understand its system, its evolutionary plan, so we can find our own, perfectly congruent, complementary cogwheel role in it.

This way we can fully attain the entity, the addressee we need to turn to with our request, we will fully understand why we can’t succeed with our inherent nature and that the situation if we don’t change ourselves urgently is truly going to become “life or death” before we actually reach the edge of the cliff.

By this conscious, methodical approach we will also understand exactly what to ask for, that we ourselves need to change, we need to upgrade our own nature so we become compatible, similar with Nature’s system above and against our original “operating software”.

We don’t ask for anything according to our own selfish, subjective calculations, but we ask to become compatible with Nature, so we can complement the system most optimally, contributing to its perfection with whatever we can do to facilitate it.

And when we align our request, expectations with what Nature wants, towards the direction evolution is progressing, then we will immediately get assistance from the system. We will receive the unique “natural upgrade” — the ability to form unprecedented selfless, altruistic, unconditionally serving and loving connections with each other — the same way all other elements in Nature operate.

Only by integrating with each other — above and against our inherently egocentric, individuals, distrusting and subjective reflexes, attitude — can we become compatible with Nature

The conscious Human mind, observer of the Universe

Through this similarity we integrate into the Natural system. And since our original selfish, egotistic, subjective software isn’t deleted, but it is upgraded, supplemented with Nature’s qualities, we acquire a unique duality that’s unparalleled in Nature.

It is this duality that allows us to remain independent observers, witnesses of the system even after integrating in it. With this duality we become the singular conscious, collective mind — we form through our mutual integration — of Nature’s cosmic system, researching, attaining the complete Universe with all of its cause and effect processes, above the egocentric, subjective limitations of time, space and physical motion.

This will provide a tangible, realistic sense of eternal, infinite consciousness, perception of reality while still existing here and now in our biological bodies.

We have the chance to achieve this kind of true, scientific prayer, request towards Nature’s system — which will receive a benevolent, assisting answer — through a very special, purposeful, practical educational method in a unique environment.



Zsolt Hermann

I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.