Expanding the capacity of the Human mind

The maximum capacity of the personal, inherent Human mind is very limited, as we are closed into our instinctively egocentric, subjective boxes, unable to access, compute anything that is being our very restricted, and distorted scope of personal, selfish day to day survival based on our individual “pleasure/pain calculations”.

We have a potential to expand our mind to an infinite, eternal scope, but that’s is possible only through “network computing”, by building a very special, unprecedented collective mind, collective intelligence.

For that we need a unique, purposeful and highly practical educational method, capable of teaching us how to exit or inherently egocentric, introverted boxes and start “computing”, sensing, perceiving reality in the “space between us”, through mutually complementing, mutually supportive, selfless interconnections.

This should actually be out normal, natural state of existence, becoming the “multi-cellular Human organism” evolution expects us to be in its fully integrated, interdependent system, instead of pursuing a wasteful, self-destructive egotistic “single-cell” existence.