Existence beyond time and space

Question from the Internet:

“Could there be an area in the universe where there is light, matter, space, energy, but where time has not yet begun? How can/could that area be detected, now or in the future?”

What does it mean, that with the Big Bang time — as we know it — started?

The Big Bang in truth is not a cosmic event creating the Universe with everything in it. The Big Bang signals the creation of a sentient, conscious desire to exist, to receive fulfillment, to propagate, to know.

It is this sentient desire that went through the development we call evolution or history, and as this desire developed — through the still, vegetative, and animate levels of development we reached the “human” or “speaking” degree that made the sentient desire truly conscious.

It is not the Universe — if it exists at all — that evolved, it is this sentient desire to exist, survive to know that developed until we reached today’s state when we can ponder, ask about the origin, about cause and effect processes, about what was there “before”, what will be “after”.

This sentient, now conscious desire perceives time and space in order to place itself into a coordinate system to “pinpoint” its location and make sense of the reality that surrounds it.

As long as this desire and the personal, egocentric, subjective consciousness that belongs to it perceives everything in this single-minded, simple manner — what do I get, what can I enjoy, why do I live, how do I survive, when and where can I fulfill my needs, desires — time and space continues to exist for us, as time and space gives dimensions, tangible perception to the inherently self-centered, egocentric, introverted existence we feel ourselves in.

The moment we change the mode of our existence from “my own sake only” to “only for the sake of others”, we gradually start existing beyond, outside of our inherently egocentric, subjective bubble and liberate ourselves from the coordinates of time, space and physical motion to such a degree, that we can even visit and pass through that seemingly unbreakable barrier the Big Bang present to us.

The moment the original, completely self-oriented sentient desire learns how to exist NOT for its own sake, we can encompass, research, and attain reality without any boundaries and we can understand who we actually are and what our purpose is in existence — that is way beyond the physical life we have known so far.

(By the way, we do not have to die, we do not have to go through some sci-fi transformation to achieve this, we simply have to learn how to exist through the desires, viewpoints of other people).