Examples of Globalization…

If you look around the room you are in, if you look at your devices, clothes you use, probably you won’t find any that is not the cooperation of multiple countries. Probably it is manufactured in China or a similar country, but was designed by someone else and was delivered to you through other countries, services and the materials necessary for its production came from another place again.

The banking services we use are multi-national, the food we consume is sourced from multiple countries, the culture, entertainment we watch, listen to is multi-national and through social media we are influenced by the whole globe.

Many consider “globalization” something to do with trade, business, financial services, corporations, but those are simply the symptoms of a development that is directed by Nature’s evolution.

Darwin’s principle of the “survival of the fittest” actually means the fittest that learns how to integrate. And while it comes naturally for most parts, elements of Nature, it is “unnatural”, rejected by our inherently egocentric, individualistic, and exploitative nature that drives all of us.

This is why we have been misinterpreting the above Darwinian principles as the “survival of the strongest, most brutal”.

Thus we are the only parts of Nature that have to proactively, consciously learn how to integrate between ourselves and with Nature. This provides our true, Human advantage, remaining fully conscious observers, witnesses of Nature’s perfect system even after integrating into it.

But we have no choice about becoming a single, mutually responsible and mutually complementing Human “organism”, it is predetermined by Nature’s evolution. What we can choose is how we integrate, how we use “globalization”.

As long as we keep using it selfishly, exploiting it for the benefit of a small minority, we will continue stumbling from crisis to crisis until our civilization will completely fall apart amidst riots, wars, economic and financial crises.

But we can also learn how to progress in a positive, conscious, benevolent way…