Everything is in our hands!

Question from the Internet:

“What are the chances of humans of 2020 passing 2021 gracefully?”

We can pass 2020, 2021 gracefully, but for that we will need to learn the lessons of the different crisis situations that are pressuring us right now.

Whether we want to accept, acknowledge or not we have evolved into a globally integrated and interdependent world. “Globalization” is not man-made, it is an evolutionary necessity in Nature’s integral system.

We are just using “globalization” - and at present we are using it wrong!

We exploit everything and everyone for selfish profit, we exclusively, ruthlessly compete and survive at each other’s expense.

And since Nature’s iron laws that sustain balance and homeostasis, evolution’s plan relentlessly progressing towards integration won’t change, only we can change and adapt in order to start solving, preventing problems and safeguard our collective survival.

And this conscious, proactive adaptation is our Human uniqueness, advantage in Nature’s system, this is what makes us the “crowns of evolution” - provided we fulfill our potential and use our unparalleled ability.