Escaping solipsism

Zsolt Hermann
3 min readJul 15, 2021

An interesting discussion about our perception of reality, existence, and whether we live in a simulation:

“There’s a chap who realised life was simply a more effective method of hydrogenation Carson dioxide than the previous method - serpentinisation - which was happening before life began.
The hydrogen in the earth mixed with the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, but by membrane encompassed cells the process became fat more effective.
The chap predicted that there would be vents beneath the ocean and sure enough we’ve found them.”

Interesting. Still, it doesn’t explain the purpose of our unique Human consciousness, who we were given the ability to research and observe things.

It is one thing that we recognize such facts, natural processes, it is another thing to find their common nominator, the cause and effect processes, trying to find a “theory of everything" that encompasses all.
I think the most intriguing is finding our own place, purpose in this seemingly chaotic world.

“Then we have Brian Greene - theoretical physicist previously professor at Cornell and Columbia and co-founder of the World Science Festival - whi says “I’m made of the same things as everything else. I may feel like I’m controlling things, but my particles have to follow the laws of physics like everything else…”
The universe is like a dvd, it’s all there, we’re just at a part of it, but it’s already complete.”

His opinion agrees with what Kabbalists teach, we are not here to change anything, we are here to become conscious, objective observers of what is happening, flowing through us.

But this is no small feat! By acquiring that unique conscious, objective, insider observers position we also acquire a tangible, realistic sense as if we ourselves designed, controlled the universe!

“Almost like solipsism, I love it. I am merely a character in your universe…or you are simply one of all the characters in mine.
Check out Donald Hoffmann. He says we only see icons, just like a computer desktop…evolution has made us value fitness over reality. You know that the envelope icon on your desktop isn’t what happens when you send an email, but if you had to see the computer components, voltages changing, etc., you’d never send an email, and that is what the world around us is…we don’t see reality, we only see what is needed (which works with hydrogenating CO2 theory, but none of the others).”

Well, this is what we are slowly realizing, that we live in the Universe we ourselves project for ourselves through our inherently egocentric, subjective consciousness, perception.
Solipsism is our actual reality and it is not evil, or a psychological condition, this is how we are born.


What Kabbalists also teach us, that we can acquire a viewpoint “outside of ourselves", we can poke our head out of our “Plato’s caves” and attain reality, the Universe as it is. Moreover they also have us the purposeful, practical method to help us do it here and now!

It is a very tricky method, as we can use the “imaginary characters", other people we encounter in our personal Universe, and start sensing, perceiving, experiencing reality through their desires, needs, viewpoints.

Then we can achieve a condition opposite to solipsism, living outside, against the original self — and by that finding our true self through others.



Zsolt Hermann

I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.