Entering, Existing in the “space between”…

A real-life example

Zsolt Hermann
4 min readApr 29, 2020


“My neighbor and I had a moment today. But a moment doesn’t do it justice…. A conversation suddenly turned really really real and we had a profound co-penny drop moment where we both understood everything, deeply truly between us and about the universe. We were completely overwhelmed by insanely intense positive emotions, tears, hugging tight, jumping up and down in joy, more… ecstasy! But we weren’t on drugs. We just had a moment of clarity. And some! Unlike any other, I’ve had in my colorful life.

I’m excited to wonder if these are snippets, glimpses of a new consciousness for mankind, such as the conscious perception of “networkiness”. Another person I know who’s ‘fully committed’ reports the same. If these are happening more frequently now, it could be viewed that a leap to the next level of consciousness is imminent!”

Searching for Individual Happiness — Finding Emptiness, Depression

Although we have been talking about a global world, being interconnected, being dependant on each other, most of the time we use our connections only to serve our own needs.

When we search for happiness we search for individual joy, egocentric, subjective fulfillment. This is how our instincts are built, this is how we are brought up, educated, and this what our present society conditions us for.

At the same time the more we have, the more we receive — and today most people have more than kings used to have a few generations ago — we are emptier, more depressed than ever before, and an increasing number of people escape to mind-numbing substances, brainless “entertainment” to forget it all.

Human Being — Social Being

The solution is right “in front of us” — more precisely between us! When we examine the truly happy, fulfilled, or truly sad, moving moments in our lives we find, that they always include collective, mutual experiences when we are in connection with others. Be it a family occasion, a concert, sports event, historic occasion or being forced together by collective joy, collective grief, those positive or negative emotional impressions that remain engraved in us are all collective, mutual.

And this is not surprising! We are not “standalone beings” as our individualistic ego tries to tell us, but we are sentient, social beings.

A Human being separated from others loses one’s “Humanity”. Even in prisons, or when people are tortured, the greatest punishment is isolation, solitary confinement.

When we separate from others, try to “go alone”, try to fulfill ourselves without taking others into consideration we act like individual cells of the same body that think they can survive, succeed all alone.

Instead of “In Us”, going “Between Us”

When we learn — through a special, purposeful, and highly practical educational method how to rebuild our mutually responsible and mutually complementing interconnections above our inherently selfish, individualistic reflexes we literally discover a completely new world.

We discover the dimension of “between”. Just like in our biological body where the circulation, communication unfolds in between the cells, organs, if we could defocus of ourselves and of others but focus with all our attention to the connection between us, we could enter a completely new dimension of existence.

First of all, we need to learn how to detach ourselves from the constant self-service, self-concern, self-protection keeping us imprisoned inside ourselves. We can do that with the help of the above mentioned unique method as members of a special, closed environment can “dig each other out” of the inherently selfish, subjective cocoons we are born into.

When we become liberated with the help of mutual trust, mutual support we find ourselves in that unique, never before felt “no-man zone”, which does not belong to either of us but belongs to all of us.

From “No Harm to Others” to “Love of Others”

We can stay in this selfless, neutral zone as long as we can maintain the right intention of “nothing about myself, nothing for myself, anything but not causing harm to others”.

As a result, due to the complete liberation from the egocentric, individualistic self, we can “roam” reality in between all the inanimate, vegetative, animate and Human elements above the egocentric, subjective limitations of time, space and physical motion, silently moving around like one wading into the water but not causing any ripples.

As a result, we become able to sense, empathize with others, feel their desires, needs without any selfish, exploitative calculations. And then we can even start acting for the sake of those others, facilitating the communication, circulation within the whole system to help to fulfill all the desires, needs we become able to sense, empathize with.

The Infinite, Systemic Joy Of Giving

Then something completely new opens up. As a result of helping to fulfill the desires, needs of others as a transparent sensitive pipeline, I also start to feel their contentment, happiness as a result of that fulfillment. And this happiness, contentment of the others fulfills me much more than any personal, individual joy I have ever felt.

Moreover, I feel the collective joy, happiness, contentment of the whole Natural system which operates on the basis of this selfless, unconditional service, love of others. Attaining, tasting this infinite, eternal, Natural love, contentment which surrounds us — by achieving similarity with the force-field of the system — is the purpose of our Human life.



Zsolt Hermann

I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.