Education is the only solution

Opinion from the Internet on offering a unique educational method to change Human nature and through it to change Human society for the better:

“No “unparalleled, purposeful, and practical educational method “ could counteract material interests vested in the present world order. This jolt affects the material world, but the changes, “anew order”(if any) will be a material solution, not an idealistic plan. Armies and the threat of war, inequality, pollution, viruses will not go away as if by magic, because we’ve built our culture and concept of humanity on them. No change of essential myths, technologies, politics, areas of dominance will take precedence over the playing out of basic material conflicts, social or global. There is a chance to force or manipulate the populace in a little better direction, globally, but it will not be done by idealistic education.”

I fully understand your concerns.

Still, I would like to offer further explanation.

  1. It is true that changes unfold on the physical plane, through physical actions. But we are not robots. The physical actions are preceded by emotions, thoughts, deliberations, decisions. And those are based on emotional impressions (we are primarily emotional beings), intellectual thinking, discussions, based on certain patterns of how people relate to each other, what values, codes they follow. And all those things originate primarily from upbringing, education, and environmental influence. Thus we can influence how we reach the physical actions through education and changing what values, codes, goals the society follows
  2. Do not think about this education as something light, idealistic, similar to the popular “spiritual teachings”, self-help courses. This the most difficult possible education, aimed at changing our inherent program, giving us a completely opposite upgrade. Without changing, modulating, harnessing our inherently egotistic, hateful, exploitative “core” it does not matter what actions we try, we will continue to fail as we did all through history.
  3. Finally, we are not talking about a new ideology, philosophy, something conjured up by the Human mind. We are talking about a method that is rooted in Nature’s fundamental laws governing balance and homeostasis, we are talking about “copy/pasting” Nature’s template into Human society — but without coercion, without misleading propaganda, only drawing those who are ready and willing through positive motivation.