Education can change the world

Zsolt Hermann
2 min readMar 20, 2023

Question from the Internet:

“Do you agree that education is the most powerful weapon to change the world?”

Yes, education is the most powerful weapon and tool to change the world.

The world — our human world — is an assembly of human beings. How the world is, what forms a society, culture, politics, economy and any possible human interactions take on depends on the interconnections and relationships between human beings.

Our human interactions and relationships are driven by our inherent human nature, which determines our dreams, though, calculations, decisions, and actions.

In order to understand everything and anything that unfolds in the world, through history and today, we need to examine and understand human nature.

Human nature — in all of us — is inherently and 100% egocentric, subjective, and individualistic. This is how we are programmed by nature’s evolution. This means, that there is no human being that could inherently think about and act for another human being without some self-interest involved in the action.

Even when we seemingly gove and love, we do so in order to gain some reward, recognition, or respect for it. We cannot even move a finger without such selfish reward, recognition, or respect. And since throughout history our selfish ego and its insatiable desire for more, the insatiable craving for personal wealth and control over others grew and intensified endlessly, we evolved into today’s totally selfish, narcissistic, and fragmented world where each individual is locked into their own spheres, trying to survive and succeed at the expense of others.

This is true about all of us, without any exceptions. Some might be more conspicuous than others, but it simply depends on personal qualities and the actual conditions and opportunities each person has in life. But there are no “evil ones and good ones” in society. We can’t create a better world by getting rid of the “bad apples”, an action forced on us by the self-proclaimed “good people” in society.

If we want to build a better world, we need to change and improve the relationships and interactions between people.

And since all our interactions and relationships are driven and shaped by our inherent nature, for building a better world, we need to change and further develop our inherent human nature. And that is possible only through the right education when we all learn and practice how to exist and behave towards others above and against our instinctive inclinations and intentions — that are 100% selfish, egoistic, and exploitative.

Only the right and purposeful education can change people without coercion and misleading propaganda, by helping people to understand and actually and viscerally feel that by changing themselves they gain everything, while without changing themselves they lose all.

We are talking about a completely different education. We are not talking about “uploading knowledge” so we could successfully control, manipulate and exploit one another for personal gain. We are talking about and practicing how to become Human beings, individuals that can coexist and cooperate like healthy cells of the same body.

This education can change and better the world.



Zsolt Hermann

I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.