I do not want to be dramatic, what we can say the following just to sharpen the turning point we are at:

  • If in 5–10 years we can look back in a calm, collected fashion and examine if we did the right thing or not during and after the pandemic and we can discuss it between us, write about, then we have done the right thing.
  • If we won’t be in a state of calmly, studiously looking back and we even care what happened before as a large portion of Humanity won’t be alive, the rest will cower in bunkers, scattered around the globe in constant fear, poverty, surviving day to day like in dystopian Hollywood movies, then obviously we haven’t done the right thing.

Or we can use a historic parallel: We are just starting our own Great Depression — which would have happened even without the virus — since our system of excessive overconsumption, success, profit at the expense of everything and everyone else is unsustainable — but Covid-19 just hastened the process — as stock markets, businesses, the trade will collapse and unemployment figures will be in billions all over the world.

Everybody will be angry, frustrated, trying to blame others for their misery and the only thing that will remain intact is the military and the desire to rule and destroy — and the well-known tried and tested ‘solution” to rally people around the flag of hating others.

Who can say another World War won’t happen when such vicious cycles kept repeating all through history and we never learned to change track?!

The only question is, whether today — after all, what we know about history, after all, we have seen what happens as long as we follow our inherently selfish, hateful and greedy nature — we have enough people from the grassroots who want to change track, want to choose a different path of development, this time consciously, above and against our hormones, animalistic instincts?!

If there is a critical mass — said to be about 10% of any actual environment — with the right guidance, with the proper method that can teach Humans to build connections and cooperation above and despite their inherent nature, how to follow Nature’s template of positive construction — instead of the inherent Human trait of cancer-like destruction — they can start rebuilding our Human system pulling everybody behind them while our world as we know will continue to plunge into darkness.