Discussions about space colonization and the fate of Humanity

Zsolt Hermann
3 min readNov 21, 2020

Opinion from the Internet about Humanity vs Nature and space travel:

You said in an earlier post, “we are endangered species if we don’t follow Nature’s laws.”

It is an interesting perspective. It denies inter-space travel as a solution to anything. If there is no ‘nature’ to speak of, we can’t very well inhabit another planet, can we?

Though I would not want to ‘go’, I don’t think such a venture could not work, since it would be accounting for food and the growth of plants to be vital.

What is also interesting in this scenario: Humans would be controlling nature, from the get-go. Aside from the 2nd law of thermodynamics, (which gets us all, eventually,) I don’t see how such a scenario is doomed before it begins.

But if what you are claiming is true, such a scenario must be doomed before starting.

I am happy that you brought up pace travel, potential colonization of other planets.

I do not know if you like science fiction, I love good sci-fi books and movies. While people keep bringing up potential meteorite mining, colonizing on the Moon, Mars as potential escape scenarios in case Earth becomes uninhabitable (as we make it uninhabitable), our actual ability to do so, to survive on other planets will be restrained by the same problem why we are in crisis on Earth.

As long as our lifestyle is based on excessive, unnatural overconsumption, a ruthless and exclusive competition where we try succeeding and surviving at each other’s expense, we behave like “cancer”.

As I keep trying to express we are not living according to the strict natural laws that sustain a fragile balance and homeostasis (even in our own biological bodies) that life depends on. Thus it does not matter where we live, sooner or later we will make any place uninhabitable.

Moreover even to get there will be difficult as we won’t cooperate and try succeeding together, but we will make it another competition, even war, especially if we find lucrative raw materials, possibilities. We can watch similar scenarios today with the vaccine, with how different countries try space exploration for their own glory, and now we will also have private players in that business.

It will become the same colonization war we already witnessed earlier in history.

Even Hollywood started to sense such scenarios with movies like “Interstellar”, “Ad Astra” or the TV series “The Expanse” and others.

The bottom line is, until we change ourselves, how we relate to each other, and to Nature, we have nowhere to escape. If we change ourselves and adapt to Nature we can make Earth a “Garden of Eden” and explore space together, cooperating, if we wish.

I understand that this is the most difficult, first of all, to recognize and accept that only we need to change nothing else, and that not only certain people have to change but all of us. Then the actual changes are even more difficult as they will need to unfold against our inherent nature. We can see how much we abhor changes now that the pandemic forces us to change our way of life already (and it will continue as the socioeconomic system that was on life-support even before the pandemic has no right to exist being incompatible with Nature.

We will have to change either way, the question is if we change by our own understanding and volition, or we wait for such intolerable suffering that we will have no other choice.

Again, I do not want to sound like a prophet or convince you about what I wrote. Things are happening as we speak. We can ignore them and believe that we are in control and we can control Nature if we want. I am just putting the information out there for those who are already sensitive and ready, and for those who now reject these ideas but when things continue to worsen will remember that they have heard about a potential solution somewhere.



Zsolt Hermann

I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.