Discussions about perfection and how we could get there…

Opinion from the INternet about perfection and how to get there:

The universe/nature / all that is is perfect AND intelligent. Human beings inside the perfection that nature is, THINK they are separate. Because of thinking, division ALWAYS rises. I will use religion as a model to explain the nature of the division.

Ancient Indians (Hindus) used deities to ‘illustrate’ the wholeness of all that is, Brahma, Shiva, Vishnu, were a trinity of one. One must be born Hindu to be Hindu (mostly) so Buddhism emerged, with a very similar understanding, but without the baggage. Buddhism then divides into maroon robes and orange robes, and also zen. Judaism is also a born into religion (mostly) and Christianity emerges from this. Then Christianity divides into catholic and protestant and divides again into baptists, methodists, evangelicals etc.

Back to Hindus, where the Sikh religion splits from Hinduism because of idols, but the Sikhs retained the very divisive caste system.

‘I am describing how we can get to that perfect state from the imperfect state we are born into. And the reason we are born into the imperfect, separated, fragmented, individualistic state is to give us the opportunity to return to the perfect, single consciousness. Then we will know exactly where we are and why we are there, dissolved into that single consciousness, still, being aware of being dissolved’

This is where we differ. We ARE IN PERFECTION, only we don’t think we are. WE cannot return to perfection with a route map, because everything is already perfect, and anything thought up, veils the perfection from being experienced here now.

The pandemic offers another model on the nature of division The vaccines are for many, an answer to prayers, YET others see manipulation, control, skullduggery, and worse. There are millions + who without evidence are convinced of dark and dirty deeds.

If everyone thought and felt like you, then your logical idea would work, not because it is sensible, but because there would be an absence of division

‘K’ as Jiddu was known tried year after year decade after decade to say those couple of sentences that allow the penny to drop, that moment when GRACE blesses an individual by allowing the veil of divisive thinking to be seen and then seen through.

Teachers who I have spent 20+ years with are still speaking about a shift in consciousness, humankind waking up, living from the heart. This is religion Guru style, it is a belief, wishful, hopeful, in time, and not real.

Human beings function by thinking, so we are disassociated, and that leads to the world we have, which is perfect now but messy (to say the least) when I project.

Karl Renz says ‘There is no way out, and no resting place, yet paradoxically to rest in no resting place.

Thank you for your explanations.

I still think that we talk, write about the same thing.

You describe the perfect state where we all exist in a single perfection. I fully agree.

You also describe how today — most people — feel separated, alienated from each other and our whole world is built upon that separation starting from religions to modern society with its politics, economy, media, etc. I fully agree.

What I do not understand from your writing is how people will get from today’s actual state to the desired perfect state?

If I understand you well, you suggest we simply disconnect ourselves from thinking, thoughts and enter a nothingness beyond which we find perfection?

I assume you suggest some form of meditation technique to achieve this?

But what about those billions — beyond the few who reportedly achieved such nothingness through meditative or similar techniques — who can’t suppress their thoughts, present feelings with such techniques, including myself?

The method I try to suggest — which has been with Humanity even before Hinduism, Buddhism — caters to the simple, healthy egotist, who cannot suppress the ego, the mind so easily. It accepts the state people are actually in, and then helps them to gradually, step by step rise from our current, fragmented, egotistic, self-destructive state we all feel ourselves in to climb towards the true state of perfection.

Again, this method is not built on the mind, it is built on emotions, on a unique technique called “faith above reason”, meaning using the intellect, mind only to constantly rise above it towards the desired perfection. (Here “faith” does not mean blind belief but a new consciousness, the perception we can reach by rising above the present consciousness, perception).

I hope this clarifies what I tried to say.